Officer Down…

A callout that your Chaplains never want to hear.  Within minutes, with our up-to-date technology, we were able to deploy chaplains to the hospital, the command post, and to communication center.  In the moment, it was like time slowed down in the organized chaos, but then the next eleven days flew by so quickly.  I have taken the opportunity to show how your Chaplains serves with compassion in action:

·        There were 3 Chaplain Advisors, 81 On-Call Chaplains, and 1 Office Staff Support

·        Total amount of hours in service:   1,060                               

·        Friday, October 24- Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014


VARIOUS Chaplains roles and duties:

·        Provided support at Incident Command Post, Hospital, Family homes

·        Arranged & provided death notifications to widow (San Diego), 2 daughters, and parents of Deputy

·        Arranged transport for Deputy (Coroner Office to East Lawn)

·        Vigil and Visitations with Deputies at East Lawn

·        Defusing’s with daughter’s school, widow’s workplace, friends, and neighborhood

·        Attended Funeral Arrangement logistic meetings with SSD

·        Home Visits to Deputy families

·        Attended Both Sacramento and Placer Funerals

·        Total of 5 CISD meetings-scene specific law enforcement, officers and wives affected, workplaces, peer, and chaplain responders

·        Defusing with UC DAVIS medical staff

·        1:1 meetings with officers and families

·        Help create and participate in Community Awareness-blue light giveaways

·        Spoke to Media (Channel 3, 10, 40 and KFBK), and social media

·        “Ministry of Presence”-chaplains being visible in Chaplains uniform at church, work, or “play”

·        Encouraged through Social media

·        Spoke at Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Conference, Rotary and Women’s Luncheon

·        Helped schools and children participate in a “thin blue line” wall of thanks and decorating briefing rooms

·        Attend Community vigils, Dutch Coffee,

·        Attended meetings and SSD with Funeral expertise and worked with Logistics Team

·        Supported Adventure Church staff

·        Responded to school, neighborhood, businesses requests for traumatized people

·        Thank you mailings

·        Follow ups with individual law enforcement requests (on-going)


This is just one service provided by LECS to both law enforcement and community members.  Monthly trainings, after the Academy, prepares our Chaplains to be experts in grief and trauma response care.  Would you commit to praying for our Chaplains?   I would ask for you to consider a year-end financial gift?  I know many of you appreciate the great work LECS does but can’t volunteer as a Chaplain.  That is ok.  Join our TEAM LECS and commit to a monthly financial gift during 2015 so we can train more Chaplains to offer more services and education for our community.  There are numerous ways you can help. We cannot do what God has called us to do alone. I guarantee that you will not regret investing in LECS.  I am grateful for your past support and prayerful consideration of ways you can be involved with LECS in the future.


Kindest Regards,

Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell

Executive Director, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento


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