L.E.A.D....Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

As May quickly approaches I am sending out a request to have ALL churches, the Silent Majority (who are law abiding citizens who appreciate our law enforcement families but don't know how to show it other than not breaking the law), businesses, and individuals to take the LEAD and dedicate a day of "showing" support.

This May we will remember our fallen and honor those in harm's way, every day.

If you have the ear of a pastor, encourage them that on one Sunday service in May, they invite your LECS Chaplain to come and speak about God's appointed authority, set up a booth, share the pulpit, or introduce LECS as a mission’s group right here in their backyard. It is a great opportunity to have officers recognized. The Chaplain could arrange for an Officer to come and say hello as well.

This is such the right time to help us encourage our warriors.

If you want the dates of all the local and national Law Enforcement Appreciation Week activities, please send me your request by email (admin@sacchaplains.com).

A MAY special offering/donation for LECS is appreciated to help support us supporting law enforcement families. You can send your tax-deductible donation to 2500 Marconi Avenue, Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95821 or donate online to sacchaplains.com.

Please contact me at 916.978.0296 to reserve a time for us to come and speak.

We deeply appreciate your support to the ministers of the ministers of justice.


Chaplain Mindi Russell


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