We are starting this New Year with energy, investment, and reaching goals of excellence. 


Chaplains and Good Works…LECS is the only round the clock service non-profit provider that responds to victims and survivors of homicides, suicides, natural, and accidental deaths. In Sacramento County, for every homicide callout, we also respond to 4-6 suicides during that same time.  Last year LECS Chaplains served over 87,000 hours in our community.  The Chaplain teams have provided survivors with grief or trauma counseling, practical needs during the crisis, and resources beyond the crisis.   

Our first of two LECS Academies will begin Tuesday, January 6.  We will have lateral chaplains and recruits trained from our November Trauma Response and Care (TRACT) Training.  Our academy will have 8 Trained Mentors that will be assigned to coach, encourage, and help the recruits become the best chaplains they can, during their 152 hour lecture/field training course.


Would you like to invest in LECS by participating?  We have an Orientation Meeting on February 3rd, for our next TRAC and May LECS Academy. The training develops individuals to become experts in grief and trauma care response, knowing what to say and what to do. 


TEAM LECS-Don’t feel like you could be a chaplain.  Become a TEAM LECS partner and participate with us at proactive events.  There is so much we can do together.


Would you like to invest in learning new skills? Hosted by other local or national organizations, LECS will provide additional trainings, such as; Law Enforcement and Community Chaplains Academies, Trauma Response and Care Trainings, Suicide Awareness and Prevention classes, Street Sense (women and children safety classes), Church Security Workshops, Women Retreats, Domestic Violence Class, Grief-A New Kind Of Normal, and Peer Support Workshops. Call us if you are interested in Chaplain Mindi being a guest speaker or trainer for your next upcoming event.


Would you like to invest in children?  Again this year, LECS will participate in the Office of Traffic Safety Programs: 16 DUI Court Sentencing in High Schools (4 in the middle schools and 2 junior colleges), 8 Every 15 Minute Programs.  Your Chaplains will respond to schools whenever a crisis or tragedy arises that affect a school student body, teachers, or parents.  From real tragedies such as: natural death, vehicle crashes, suicides, the school administrators will contact us for help. LECS will also provide prevention training for a proactive school outreach program to reach students in our schools, before problems become crisis.

Would you like to invest in a Recruit or Chaplain?  Your Financial Support helps the cost of training a Recruit with his/her 2 year commitment (in trainings and cover their cost to respond to crisis and tragedies).  Your financial support will also help the Chaplains who sacrifice time and their family budget to provide compassion, expert grief and trauma response and help your neighbors, co-workers, even your own family, process a tragedy into a new kind of normal, round the clock.


May Your New Year be filled with prosperity in all areas of your life,

Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell Executive Director


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