Perhaps you have reflected on why should I support LECS?  Please read the letter below and see just one way LECS is so important to others and you.


To: Senior Chaplain Mindi,

 Though we have met on a number of occasions, you most-likely will not remember me by name.  As a form of introduction, my name is William (Bill) Gorwood.  I’m a sworn Criminal Investigator employed by the County of Solano.  In addition to my nearly thirty year full-time law enforcement career, I have served the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff since 2002.

 Last Monday, December 29, 2014, my wife’s step-father, William (Bill) Woodall, was brutally murdered in the 4700 block of 50th Avenue, Sacramento.  The initial call was received by SSD just a little before 5:00 PM.  I was called by my wife, Julie (a sergeant with the Rio Vista Police Department), just moments later.  I left my office in Fairfield; stopped by my home to pick up Julie; and continued to the scene.  We arrived at about 6:30 PM.

 As we entered the home, Julie and I were immediately greeted by two of your Community Chaplains, Chaplain Chris and Chaplain Deanna.  Both had already begun caring for my mother-in-law, Theresa; and my twenty-two year old brother-in-law, Joshua (my wife is eighteen years older).  Sadly, Theresa suffers from significant mental health issues, and can be extremely difficult to deal with, even under normal conditions.

 Theresa and Joshua had just experienced the most horrific event of their lives, and there to help them through this were two of the most caring, understanding, and compassionate people I have ever met; Chaplain Chris and Chaplain Deanna.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that they were there for my family during this time of need.  As a law enforcement officer, I have always recognized the great service the chaplaincy provides; though it’s not until you’re the one on the outside that you truly understand their devotion to our community, and to our law enforcement agencies; and the sacrifices they make each and every day.

 Senior Chaplain Mindi – I can’t thank you enough.  Your chaplains were truly there for my family.  They even cooked a meal for Theresa and Joshua, while waiting for initial contact by the homicide detectives.  In addition, after learning of my SSD affiliation, Law Enforcement Chaplain Vickie Stanfill was called, and immediately responded to scene; just to make sure I was doing ok.

 If you would be so kind, please express my deepest gratitude to Chaplains Chris, Deanna, and Vickie. The chaplaincy is a true calling, and each of these community servants truly exemplifies that calling.

 Thank you so much, Bill Gorwood


Thank you for your prayer support and your financial support.   We cannot do this alone.  With you, we can do so much more in this desperate hurting world, one person at a time.


 Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell, Executive Director


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