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What is Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS)?

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization committed to serving law enforcement personnel and their families, victims of crime and tragedies, and the community at large with the volunteer efforts of highly trained caring and commpassionate chaplains. LECS is the only service of its kind that provides 24-7-365 rapid response teams alongside law enforcement agencies with on-scene emotional crisis support. Chaplains are experts in the aftermath of grief and loss.

LECS serves 15 different law enforcement agencies, 16 local school districts, State and County government agencies, customer based retail businesses and various churches throughout the region. LECS provides families with immediate practical guidance, and valuable resources of what happens next, after their loss.

LECS is guided by our Board of Directors and Chaplain Leadership Team to provide direction to our Law Enforcement Chaplains, Community Chaplains, School Support Chaplains, and support staff.

Meet our 2018 Board of Directors -

LECS Board of Directors - Roster and Terms

Name Company/Affiliation Term
Zachery Bales Lieutenant Sacramento Police Department 2017 - current
David Hansen Pastor, Security Bayside - Granite Bay 2018 - current
Tim Curran Lieutenant Sacramento County Sheriff Department 2013 - current
Colleen Kinchole Asst Chief Dupty, Sacramento County Probation/BOD Secretary 2018 - current
Ed Linn LECS Community Chaplain 1994 - current
Karen Meredith Banner Bank/Treasurer 2006 - current
Brandon Straw Captain, California Highway Patrol 2018 - current
Mindi Russell C1 Executive Director, LECS 1994 - current
Paul Solomon Captain, Elk Grove Police Department 2015 - current
Stan Wilkins Clergy, LECS 2010 - current
Alex Tubcotte Lieutenant Citrus Heights Police Department 2018 - current
Chuck Seielstad Pastor 2010 - current
Mark Miller Intel/Bayside 2016 - current
Darryl Schmidt Thrivent Insurance 2018 - current
Rick Perez Bayside Adventure 2018 - current
Giovanni Trinchera Bank of Stockton 2018 - current

501(c)(3) Non-profit
United Way Pledge Number: 3057

Contact us for more information at -

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento
2500 Marconi Avenue, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95821
Office: (916) 978-0296
EIN # 94-2598748
Email: admin@sacchaplains.com
Website: www.sacchaplains.com
24 hours confidential crisis line - (916) 857-1801

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