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LECS serves 15 different law enforcement agencies, 16 local school districts, customer based retail businesses and various churches throughout the region. LECS provides families with immediate practical guidance, and valuable resources of what happens next, after their loss. LECS is guided by our Board of Directors and Chaplain Leadership Team to provide direction to our Law Enforcement Chaplains, Community Chaplains, School Support Chaplains, and support staff.

Meet our Chaplain Leadership -
  • Chaplain Mindi Russell, Executive Director and Senior Chaplain
  • Chaplain Frank Russell, Deputy Senior Chaplain
  • Chaplain Debra Fontes, Law Enforcement Chaplain Supervisor
  • Chaplain Mary Nobbe, Training Coordinator
  • Chaplain Norm Powers, Kids In Crisis Supervisor
  • Chaplain Shirley Woodfy, Chaplain Wellness
Administrative Team -
  • Chaplain Norm Powers, Business Manager
  • Chaplain Lisa West, Marketing
  • Karen Zembower, Office Manager
Technology Team -
  • Chaplain Cynthia Garcia
  • Ron Pumphrey
  • Chaplain Ronda Vestal

501(c)(3) Non-profit
United Way Pledge Number: 3057

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Contact us for more information at -

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, 2500 Marconi Ave, Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95821, (916) 978-0296.

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