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LECS Chaplains support the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) by serving 16 local school districts within Sacramento County through grants from the OTS to coordinate the Every 15 Minutes Program.

In the Every 15 Minutes Programs, Law Enforcement Chaplains help coordinate the program on school campuses alongside CHP, School faculty, and participating students. Community Chaplains support the event by: contacting parents of the students participating in the program; delivering mock death notifications (together with Law Enforcement personnel) to family members of students participating in the program.

Community Chaplains also support the removal of a participating student from the classroom (in conjuction with school personnel) Every 15 Minutes of the school day. A student's mock obituary related to the potential DUI scenario is read to the class by the Community Chaplains. Community Chaplains then assist Law Enforcement Chaplains in conducting an evening retreat and debriefing with the students and parents participating in the program.

Finally, Law Enforcement Chaplains and Community Chaplains remain on campus both school days to answer questions and compassionately provide support to any students impacted by trauma and grief.

The Law Enforcement Chaplains and Community Chaplains are trained in the effects of trauma, grief, and impacts of shock, and are available to help anyone effected by these events.

And, occasionally, LECS has LECS School Support Team training classes available. - Watch for our next training date. Location - LECS Training Academy, 2500 Marconi Ave., Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95821

Contact the LECS office at (916) 978-0296 for more school support details or to reserve your seat in our next LECS School Support Team traning class.

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